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Casa de Vilacetinho

Vinho Verde


Casa de Vilacetinho, a key player in Vinhos Verdes’ history, is among the oldest brands in the region, contributing significantly to Portuguese wine history. Originally a vast property formed by merging two estates from the Benedictine Monastery of Alpendurada, it stood as a considerable entity with over 100 hectares of land along the Douro River.

The centerpiece of Vilacetinho was its elegant 17th and 18th-century manor house, surrounded by a cultivated garden separating it from the vineyards. This estate, with unique characteristics and size in the Douro region, produces distinctive wines reflecting the terroir. These wines, akin to Champagne in certain aspects, have gained global acclaim.

Casa de Vilacetinho’s wines have been cherished worldwide and have left an indelible mark on the history of Portuguese wines. Notably, in 1957, Queen Elizabeth II of England chose their wines during her visit to Portugal, commemorating a moment that echoes the excellence of Casa de Vilacetinho.

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