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Gerações da Talha



Gerações da Talha winery is located in Vila de Frades and dates back to the mid-18th century. It is a place of traditions and knowledge of generations that have been bringing and perfecting the magnificent Amphora Wine (Portuguese Talha).
This winery was acquired by Francisco Nogueira Anacleto who inherited and masterfully transmitted the art and wisdom of amphora wine to the generations that followed him. A tradition that was welcomed with great passion by his son-in-law, Professor Arlindo Maria Ruivo, who has dedicated his life to this precious and unique nectar that is Talha Wine, as well as by his children and grandchildren, who were taken over by this ancient knowledge and whose generations drove the Gerações da Talha project.
This is a project that was born to enhance, affirm and maintain the genuine production of Talha Wine that has persisted for more than 2 millennia and is well evident in the wineries and people of the land.

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