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Henriques & Henriques



Henriques & Henriques, established in 1850 by João Gonçalves Henriques, has a rich history in Madeira wine production. After the setbacks of Oidium and Phylloxera in the late 19th century, the family assets formed the company in 1913, officially named “Henriques & Henriques” in 1912. Despite challenges, the family’s commitment to quality endured. The company, now in the hands of collaborators since 1968, maintains a legacy of tradition and technology. With private vineyards producing high-quality grapes like Verdelho and Terrantez, H&H controls production from cultivation to harvest. The expansion in 1992 included a new ageing winery in Câmara de Lobos and a vinification center in Quinta Grande, aligning with technological innovations while upholding nearly two centuries of Madeira wine excellence.

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