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Herdade Canal Caveira

Península de Setúbal


Situated at the confluence of Setúbal and Alentejo, along the Alentejo coast, Herdade Canal Caveira enjoys a unique microclimate influenced by the nearby sea. This 45-hectare estate, nestled at the foot of the Serra de Grândola, features 25 hectares of vineyards alongside olive, orange, cork, holm oak, strawberry, and pine trees. The distinctive castle-shaped house by the IC1 national road is a landmark before the renowned Cozido à Portuguesa stop. The winery, with a panoramic view from the top floor, captures the essence of the village, mountains, and plain while echoing the delightful clink of glasses. Herdade Canal Caveira’s sandy soils, varied temperatures, and Atlantic influence contribute to crafting elegant, complex, and enduring wines—making it an ideal terroir for discerning wine enthusiasts.

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