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APENO – Portuguese Wine Tourism Association was born in February 2020 with the aim of putting Portuguese Wine Tourism on the map. To achieve this goal, a group of professionals from the most diverse areas (Finance, New Technologies, Legal, Communication and Marketing, Human Resources) decided to come together to support national wine tourism in providing effective responses to the obstacles that prevent the sector from evolving.

APENO created a brand with impact, through which it will work. Being a young, dynamic and differentiating association, we chose to highlight the words WINE TOURISM and PORTUGAL, which take place in the word association. Our brand symbol is equally strong. In it we see a glass, an inverted bottle, the Portuguese territories defined by lines, Portugal welcoming visitors with open arms, and the face of the visitor himself. All in one symbol that has become emblematic to give visibility to Portuguese wine tourism. Apeno wants to represent and give expression to all those involved in the wine tourism value chain, the wine and tourism sectors as well as other economic sectors and public entities with competences in the development of the wine tourism territory.

Wine XP

Wine XP makes wine tourism more fun and accessible to everyone!

The company’s founding partners, are wine lovers and had visited a lot of wineries in Portugal but always had a very hard time finding centralized information and especially smaller boutique and family run wineries in addition to finding it very difficult to often get in touch with the wineries. Before long, they realized they weren’t alone.

Therefore, Wine XP Wine was created. This booking platform brings together everything you need to organize your wine trip in Portugal. It connects you, a local Portuguese or international customer, to the wineries.  The user-friendly website & app enable you to quickly and easily search, find, instantly book and pay for wine experiences of your choice.

It is important to mention that our prices are exactly what the winery offers and we do not markup so Wine XP just gives you an easy tool to be able to easily and quickly find the information you need and book it.

As we visit all of the wineries we put up on Wine XP, all of the content is curated and tailored to ensure you have the right information to be able to make a decision during your choice of winery or experience and booking process.

Through Wine XP, you can visit incredible and magical winery properties/estates around Portugal and discover the fabulous wines the country has to offer including more than 250 grape varieties!

Available in both website and mobile app format, in Portuguese and English, with other languages coming soon.   Wine XP is the starting point to discover Portugal from North to South through wine.

Welcome and have a good trip!

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