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Quinta do Monte Travesso

Douro e Porto


Quinta do Monte Travesso has belonged to the Nápoles de Carvalho family for five generations, ever since the founder of Casa do Douro, great-grandfather of the current owners, offered this beautiful farm to his daughter as a wedding gift. From the outset, the planting of some of the current vineyards and the wine factory began, in the same warehouses where Monte Travesso wines are still vinified today. Lately, single varieties have been cultivated per plot and new technologies have been introduced, namely the possibility of controlling the fermentation temperature in the centuries-old mills. Quinta do Monte Travesso is a Douro property, located in Tabuaço, in the sub-region of Cima-Corgo. It is a family farm that is dedicated to the bottling of wines and oils with its own brand, as well as tourism.

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