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Quinta do Pinto



Located in Alenquer, in the heart of the Lisboa Wine Region, Quinta do Anjo spans over 120 hectares, surrounding a 17th-century manor next to a traditional winery. Over half of the property hosts around two dozen red, white, and native grape varieties, forming the basis for flagship wines like ‘Vinhas do Lasso,’ ‘Terras do Anjo,’ ‘Quinta do Pinto,’ and ‘Quinta do Pinto – Grande Escolha.’ The remaining area prioritizes the cultivation of Portuguese grape varieties.

History reveals that the wine produced here two centuries ago stood out so much in the region that it was valued in Pintos, the gold currency during the reign of D. João V. The property’s charismatic steward at the time was Mr. Pinto, and since then, the estate has been referred to as ‘o Pinto’ in the region. Coincidentally, Pinto is also the surname of the current owners.

Hence, ‘Quinta do Pinto’ became the name of our winemaking project and one of the wines we proudly produce. The motivation of the Cardoso Pinto Family in this endeavor is to consistently produce top-quality red, white, and rosé wines, serving as the epitome of the Lisboa wine region.

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