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Quinta do Val Moreira

Douro e Porto


Quinta do Val Moreira, part of one of the oldest demarcated wine regions with 250+ years of history, sits on the south bank of the Douro River in Cima-Corgo. Acquired by XVINUS in 2018, the estate, spanning 23 hectares for Douro wines, 2 hectares of olive groves, and 2 hectares of almond trees, underwent wine tourism requalification. Offering panoramic views of the Douro and Tedo Rivers, some vineyards are near the ruins of the historic “Quinta de Valmor,” associated with the Viscount of Valmor.

Adjacent to this area are two Pombaline markers, near Marmelal, Quinta do Val Moreira, and the Carril stream, designated as properties of public interest. Dating back to 1757, commissioned by Marquês de Pombal, these markers demarcated the Douro region for fortified wines under the General Company of Agriculture, establishing the world’s first demarcated wine region—an achievement cherished by the people of Douro.

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