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Ramilo Wines



In 2013, brothers Pedro and Nuno Ramilo faced a pivotal moment when their father presented them with a challenge deeply rooted in their family’s four generations of tradition.

Accepting the challenge, they did so with a single condition: they would chart their unique path. Their vision transcended the notion of being just another winemaker crafting decent but unremarkable wines. Instead, they believed that their destiny lay in reconnecting with their ancestral heritage, nestled within the slopes of the Lizandro River and the sandy properties of Colares. Here, among the terraces and ancient stone walls of their ancestral vineyards, they embarked on a mission to rejuvenate the family estates.

Their efforts involved the preservation of venerable vines and the introduction of new ones. Today, the brothers stand on the precipice of becoming the preeminent private producer of the renowned Colares Ramisco wine, a testament to their unwavering dedication to their family’s legacy.

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